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          Club Impact Information

          Club IMPACT is a before and after school care ministry which is available exclusively for Ontario Christian students in grades K‐6 who are currently enrolled at the OC Elementary Campus.

          Registration and Admission
          All currently enrolled children K-6 are welcome to attend our program. Registration is automatically set up through our RenWeb/FACTS system.

          Daycare Calendar 2019-20
          Download or view our Daycare calendar at this link.

          Campus Rules
          Club IMPACT follows the same regulations and policies as specified in the Ontario Christian School Elementary Handbook. Please refer to it for further details.

          Sick Children/Medication Release Form
          If your child is sick, parent(s) will be called to have your child picked up as soon as possible. Over the counter or prescribed medications may be administered to your child by our staff if the parent fills out a medication release form. All medication must be in its’ original medication container and the correct dosage printed on the medication container.

          Student Safety – Signing In and Out Procedures and Requirements:
          We require that you escort your child to daycare, and sign them in and out. We will only release students to an authorized parent or guardian. Please be prepared to present your picture ID at time of pick‐up. Prewritten authorization is needed for someone dropping‐off or picking‐up your child that is not on your pre‐designated pick‐up list.

          Checking-in and Out
          We use a computerized management system to check‐in and check‐out your child and track their attendance time while at Club IMPACT. If a parent or guardian does not check‐in or check‐out their child, they will be charged FOR A FULL DAY of care.

          Homework Club
          Homework is strictly voluntary. However, we do set aside a designated time Monday-Thursday for quiet/study time. This time will vary based upon the age of your child. Each student is required to bring all of their own materials necessary to accomplish their homework.

          Supervised Free Play
          We provide a safe and loving atmosphere. Children have access to playground equipment and a variety of indoor board games.

          We provide a variety of nutritious snacks every afternoon by 4:30 pm. Your child is able to bring an extra snack if they like.

          Before / After Care Fees:
          Drop‐in Rate: $6.00 per hour
          Weekly Rate: $70 a week
          Full-Day: $40 for a full day


          • You will receive a billing statement through our FACTS Tuition Management Company at the beginning of the month that will reflect the previous months charges.
          • If you chose to have your incidental bill(s) (Club Impact) to be automatically deducted, it will state on your invoice where the payment will be deducted from and the date it will be deducted.
          • All payments must be made online through your FACTS Family Portal either by ACH or Credit Card (2.85% fee) by the due date listed on the invoice.
          • A $30 returned payment fee will be assessed to the parent the first time a payment fails. The payment will be reattempted up to two more times. Rescheduled failed payments are not subject to fee if they fail.
          • Unexcused delinquency in Club Impact payments after 59 days may result in suspension or termination from our program.

          Days & Times:
          Before School: Monday through Friday we open 6:30 am, and the students are dismissed at 8:00 am to a supervised playground.

          After School: Club IMPACT is open Monday thru Friday from 2:50 pm to 6:30 pm sharp.

          Full Days of daycare: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm (subject to change based on attendance)

          Club IMPACT Tardy Policy:
          * Late fees are $5.00 per each five minutes or any part thereof, starting at 6:31 pm. *Excessive late pick‐ups may result in a conference with the program director, or the loss of utilizing our program.

          Late pick-up Students: If a student is brought to school before 7:45 am or not picked up by 3:15 pm, they will be brought to daycare and the parent/guardian will be charged a minimum of one hour, no exceptions.

          Minimum/ Teacher In-Service Days:
          Club IMPACT offers daycare starting at 12 pm on minimum days. Students not picked-up from the pick‐up gate are required to CLOCK-IN into daycare. Please refer to the Club IMPACT schedule for further information regarding teacher in-service days.

          We are closed on the 1st day of school, (Meet the Teacher Day), and for all Observed Holidays. Please refer to Club IMPACT calendar for further information.

          Summer Camp Program:
          Our Summer Camp program includes a variety of field trips and activities. A first week’s deposit is required at time of registration; this includes camp T‐shirt for first‐time campers only. Registration begins in April.

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